26 05 2017 / 17 00 – 19 30
Sýček (CZE)

Široko café
široká 19

In 2012, at the behest of Mike Andre (Antelope), a reluctant Justin Moyer (E.D. Sedgwick/Supersystem/Antelope) and Amanda Huron (Weed Tree/Caution Curves) were conscripted into helping Mike play and record some unrealized songs he had floating around. After a series of precarious fits and starts, the band coalesced into a semi-stable entity known as “Puff Pieces” in 2013, and began playing shows.

Based on their experiences in various now-defunct bands (Amanda and Mike in Vertebrates, and Mike and Justin in Antelope), and long-term involvement in D.C.’s punk and noise scenes, Puff Pieces strives to destroy the bland hegemony of their city’s condo-crazed culture with a catchy mix of melody and nervous dissonance.

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