27 06 2018 / 20.00
Kevin Robert Thomson:
Hazel Atlas (US)

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Kevin Robert Thomson, AKA Hazel Atlas, is best known as one of the guitarists and writers in the band Enablers. Ever since being signed to Homestead Records as a youngster back in 1987, KRT has released 10 LPs, 6 Eps and several singles with the groups he has formed over the years. Alongside the bands, Kevin has always maintained a low-key solo career under various names from Jackrabbit, to BunBunBun, and now the moniker Hazel Atlas. Always inquisitive and never satisfied with doing only one thing is what keeps the names changing and the music changing too. You can find his latest music on Bandcamp.com and Youtube as well as Soundcloud and various streaming platforms. Just look up Kevin Robert Thomson or Kevin Robert Thomson/Hazel Atlas.

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